duminică, 29 iunie 2008

Hola Espania!

Felicitari Spaniei!
Au jucat formidabil si au castigat.

joi, 26 iunie 2008

The power of the bag

Is on fashion to be ecological.
Everybody wants to be, especially the ones how make money from it!

Some weeks ago there was an action “A day without the plastic bag”. A special day in which the shops were not giving the normal, free, usual plastic bags to carry the shopping from the groceries’ stores.

I did not even notice it. I probably wasn’t making shopping’s that day :-?A few days later, all the shops, from the whole country, came up with an idea: we do not give any more the free plastic bags for carrying the shopping’s. They are bad for environment!

But, the buyer has to carry his shopping’s…. so we will sell him plastic bag!!! The better plastic bag, the one with our trademark on it, the one that nobody wants to buy.

Or even better, we create a new bag – the ecological one (from better, improved plastic) – which will cost 3 x more. But is recyclable! You can use it at least 2 times, before throwing it.

And that is the new ecological spirit! You can be also on fashion, just buy your ecological plastic bag for the good of environment and welfare of the supermarkets chains!

Good bye free plastic bag. Here is the new stylish, ecological synthetic bag.

PS: there was some discussions about some free paper bags. They were not enough ecological to motivate the shops to offer them for free…

...others feel the same.... http://www.thepolitic.com/archives/2008/06/23/a-pictorial-history-of-enviro-mentalism

Sa imi fac blog ...

M-am decis sa imi fac blog. Am mai avut eu tentative, dar de data asta vreau sa imi duc misiunea la bun sfarsit.

In urma cu vreo ora am iesit din magazin determinata sa imi fac blog. Vreau sa imi vars si eu naduful undeva, acolo unde sper sa mai gasesc si pe altii satui de zilele proaste, ca si mine.

Dupa o ora de logari imi gasesc cu greu cuvintele. Vorbele simple si exacte pe care le aveam in minte cand am inceput s-au pierdut.

Raman la aceasi dilema. Vreau sa scriu ceva inteligent!

Dar oare in asta consta esenta blogului? Sau in cuvintele simple, uzuale, exprimate cu o usurinta si relaxare.

„Mi-e greu sa fiu naturala, caci ma judeca oamenii” – suna undeva in mintea mea.

...si totusi am ceva de spus.