marți, 30 decembrie 2008

Onion calendar

You take a big, beautiful onion and you cut it in half.
You open it leafs, from surface to centre and you pick consecutively 12 of them.
You put them on a salver.
Under them, you put notes with the name of the months, in order.
Inside the onion leafs you put table salt.
You place “the calendar” outside in the New Year’s Eve, safe from precipitations or sun.
Early in the morning, you can interpret it.

In accordance with the quantity of water gathered in each onion leaf, you can predict which month of the new coming year, will be the rainiest and which the droughtiest.
If in a leaf, the salt remains dry, signifies that the month will be droughty.
If, in another leaf, the salt transforms into water, signifies that the month will be rainy.

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