marți, 12 august 2008

One thousand things, I don’t know how to say you

It gathered now one thousand things,
One thousand things, I don’t know how to say you,
It gathered now more memories
Without the ordinary positive review.

I put it all in my own private message
It waits for you to be found and deciphered,
I closed myself in my seal for some time
A hand from you can help me reach outside.

From somewhere in the crowd you watch me
You think, you try, but still don't reach me,
Some brilliant seconds of our moments
It drowns from me not the most happy comments.

I keep on fighting or I think so
I am still here, for you, in person,
My thought is far, I must confess
I hide it all, in my new pretty dress.

Miles of questions and too deep answers
It made from us two different shadows.

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