vineri, 10 octombrie 2008

Are few books

“Any book you start, you have to finish” was the favorite sentence of one Romanian language teacher of mine. And she repeated it so often, that almost started to believe it, until I was saved by the common good sense judgment.

Not everything that is published is valuable, smart or interesting. As my time is precious, and unfortunately so short, I prefer not to waste it on other people's crap. I have enough of mine, thank you.

Different books are fitting to different people.
What is important is the moment you are reading a certain book, the circumstances which surround you in this particular period of time, your needs, hopes, dreams, plans.

We often evaluate as “the best” a book which gives us an answer to a particular dilemma we are facing in the moment of reading.

There are few books which always make impression for most of readers at any time.

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